Foundations / Origins

Oriental meditative origination. Further work by Franz Mesmer 1700s (“Mesmerization”), James Braid (influenced interestingly by the “Scottish School of Common Sense”) in the mid 1800s and others. Braid’s theory that hypnosis was simply a state of deep relaxation in which the subject experiences heightened abilities to concentrate is a modern view of the process.

How does it work?

EEG and MRI evidence suggest that alpha rhythm biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, deep prayer and hypnosis all have similar physiological states. Blood pressure drops, HR drops, muscles relax, and the right side of the brain is more active than the left. It’s all probably pretty much the same thing. The right brain is non-linear, or more global in its logic style compared to the left. This 3D logic style is more complete, complex and more accurate than that used by it’s left partner. It does not have speech ability, so is not hampered by the labelling and categorization that the left brain constantly engages in. The right brain doesn’t label things as, “fun”, “work”, “good”, or “bad”. Things just are. It’s sort of Zen like. That’s basically how hypnosis helps in life change. Hypnosis allows the patient to actively access a part of the brain that is usually passive and submissive, and only usually used subconsciously for problem solving. The right brain complete, 3D approach to a problem helps in finding a solution. Unhampered by self definitions, the right brain is more able to choose to decide. To change. For more Hypnosis information, visit   http://www.ronireland.com

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